Studio Services

Recording | Mixing | Mastering


The bulk of the work I do is mixing and recording right now. It changes, but mixing seems to be the bulk of it. Success has been found with Pop, Rock, Americana, Soul, Latin, and Singer/Songwriter releases, along with Metal, Hip Hop, and some Jazz. Voiceover has also found its way to me as well. So basically across the board stylistically.

Mixes can even be reviewed online, live-streamed to your workstation environment if desired.


As the final step in the process, mastering constitutes a fair percentage of the work done here. We work on a per-song basis, but it can also be part of a project package. Inquire for details.


As an engineer at Sound of Music Studios, access to a great sounding room full of top drawer equipment is obviously on the menu here. What else is there to say? Internationally known and respected with a long pedigree of artists, and top engineers in the field. We sound gooder’er…


Rates can differ with the needs of the artist and project. We can go soup-to-nuts here so please contact me to discuss the needs of the production. I have relationships with the finest musicians and production people around if required. Nothing better for us than to see a project pop and shine. I don’t mind working with project rates either.